Volunteer jobs


Early Parking Director – Arrive early, cone off parking as needed.  Help with parking and drop off flow.

Swimmer Check In – Arrive early to check in swimmers.

Volunteer Check In – Check in parent volunteers, find substitutions if needed.  Arrive early for first half.

Ready Bench – A team of four parents assist in lining up the swimmers and getting them to their races on time.  This is the best way to get to know the children.

Mother Duck – Assists Ready Bench, supervises and locates the swimmers and takes them to ready bench, some will specifically deal with the children in the 6 & under age group.

Timer – Sits at the end of a designated lane and times the swimmer by stop watch from the moment the race is started to the touch at the finish, then records the time on a timing slip.  Multiple timers needed for each lane.

Head Timer – Starts two watches at each race as backup for any malfunctioning Timer’s stop watch.

Runner – Collects the timing slips at the end of each event and “runs” them to the Console Table.

Flip Chart – Manipulate the flip chart near the Starter; help timers, parents and swimmers keep up with events.

Scoring Console** – Become League Certified – sit at a table with a Scorer from the opposing team in view of the finish end of the pool, operate the computer and Meet Manager program to import the times from the electronic stop watches. Override with average or back up manual time if needed.

Ribbon Labels – Sit near the Scoring table and apply printed labels to the ribbons, files the ribbons for distribution to swimmers.

Ribbons Runner – Helps file the ribbons if needed and delivers the ribbons to the team area.

Set-Up – Arrive at the pool at a time announced (usually during the morning practice for a weeknight meet or a Friday practice for a Saturday meet) and help arrange tables and chairs, hang banners and flags, etc. to ready the pool for a meet.  A “plan” is provided.

Clean-Up – Stay after the meet ends to return the pool area to its pre-meet condition.  All swim team families are encouraged to stay and help regardless of whether or not they worked a shift during the meet.

Concessions – Help set up service area, prepare and sell food during the swim meet.  Clean up afterwards.

Garbage, Bathrooms & Water – Periodically takes the trash out to the trash area, makes sure that the bathroom supplies are well stocked, runs water to all volunteers at our home meets.

Grill Master – Grill Items for Concessions.

Donuts – Preorder and deliver enough donuts for our swimmers at the first practice following a dual meet.  You may donate the donuts or submit your receipts for reimbursement.

Stroke Judge** – Become League certified to watch for the correct stroke mechanics of the swimmer during a race.  The Stroke Judge reports incorrect stroke or kick to the Referee.

Touch/Turn Judge** – Become League certified to watch for the correct touch and turn by swimmers during a race.  The Touch/turn Judge is responsible for the first stroke out on a start, the turn and the last stroke/touch at the wall and reports incorrect mechanics for start, touches and turns to the Referee.

Referee** – Become League certified to review procedure with the judges, timers, and coaches prior to a meet, stand at the finish line to observe the finish, convey infractions noted by  judges to timing sheets, clear the pool following a race, discuss protests and questions from Head Coaches, keep race on track with Starter and Scoring Console.  Referee must also be trained on the Scoring Systems.

Starter** – Become League certified to stand at pool side, instruct swimmers and start each race using a starting device, charge false starts, work with the Referee and Scoring Console to keep the meet on schedule.  Starter must also be trained on the Scoring Systems.

**The West Houston Aquatic League will provide and sponsor at least two classes for certification.  Certification is good for two years.

We Can’t Have A Swim Team Without Volunteers!  We Thank You Very Much!