-What should I bring to practice?
Swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, towel, plenty to drink, sunscreen, footwear, snack for after practice
especially if you’re hanging around for a sibling, sportsmanship and a smile.
-Are Practices and Meets mandatory?
Practices are not mandatory, we all have plenty going on, but the more you attend the greater your
progress will be and you will feel more a part of our wonderful team.
Meets also are not mandatory but what a great way to put into practice all you’ve learned and
experience this awesome team event. Plus they are SO much fun. Coach will expect you are attending all
meets unless you state otherwise in the Meet Availability Book. (see Coach or Jan Evans)
-How Can I help The team?
There are many volunteer opportunities and if you have not already signed up see J. B Lassarat at the
pool for more info or look on the website www.swimbarkers.org
You can also help out by sponsoring the team either as a family or as a company. Info can be found on
the website or forms can be picked up from Jan Evans at the pool.
There are also a number of items the team needs to help Meets and functions run smoothly ie coolers, a
refrigerator, so if you can help in this way see Carla Rypien at the pool.
you can email the team with any questions or see any Board member at the pool: